Vital Therapy’s Vitamin C Caffeine Serum is a beautiful way to start your day!

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Vital Therapy’s Vitamin C Caffeine Serum is a beautiful way to start your day!

Wake up dull skin with this potent morning serum with essential Vitamin C, put into serum form for easy application.  Vitamin C has been shown to help restore collagen and elastin; Caffeine is added to firm the skin, and together these products help to reduce the sign of aging. Our Vitamin C Caffeine Serum works to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, defend against UV damage, and fight free radical damage.

Vitamin C Caffeine Serum from Vital Therapy is an important anti-aging skin care product.

Vital Therapy’s vitamin C with caffeine is a serum that not only protects your skin from UV damage, but it is also the best anti-aging combination for the skin. The increase of collagen and elastin only takes place if Vitamin C is present in the skin. This Vitamin C Caffeine Serum is an excellent anti-aging product with proven antioxidant and regenerative properties that are designed to help fight and repair the signs of aging.

This easy to use and effective serum works by naturally building Collagen and Elastin, which improves elasticity, repairs fine lines and wrinkles, and produces a healthy overall appearance of the skin. It’s a great way to wake up your skin

Available in .5 oz and 1 oz bottles


This product is probably the most important skin care product. It not only protects the skin from UV damage, it also is the best anti-aging compound for skin available.

The increase of collagen and elastin only takes place if Vitamin C is present in the skin!!! This excellent anti-aging product is a highly concentrated Vitamin C serum with proven antioxidant and regenerative properties to help fight and repair the signs of aging by building collagen and elastin. The ingredients in the Vitamin C Serum contain active ingredients that provide a direct benefit to the skin, and are not just carriers.

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS:  Dispense 4 to 8 drops into palm of hand and pat over face, neck after cleansing. Can also be applied to backs of hands or arms, as these show the earliest signs of aging. Follow with the appropriate peptide and/or moisturizing product before applying makeup.


Asorbic acid 20% – is a well documented anti-oxidant for the skin and is the main ingredient in the product. It is well known that L-acorbic acid is required for normal skin physiology in small quantities. In larger concentrations, it can be restorative to skin damaged by sun exposure, smoking or improper nutrition.

Rice Starch – soothing to the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Glycerol caffine citrate – glycerin is an emollient: it moisturizes the skin and enhances the mobility of right-handed ingredients to penetrate the dead stratum corneum.

Beta Fructan – a polysaccharide that stimulates the immune functino fo the skin. It is found in mushroom extracts: documented in Japanses studies to improve immune functin of the skin (and entire body).

Beta-Glucosamine – is similar in structure to cellulose. In humans, it is used in combination with Beta fructan to build stable mucopolysaccharides in the tissue. it is an anti-imflammatory agent and a building block for collagen and elastin.

Amino-guanidine – similar to D-beta-glucosamine.

L-castor oil – Natural oil that improves the slide (texture) of the skin. Tt is an emollient that improves the absorption of the active ingredients.

Hamamelis extract – an antioxidant extract that contains the owerful antioxidants – eipgallocatechin (also found in green tea extract), D-gallocatechin and D-hamamelose.

Phenyl butyl nitrone (Spin trap) – is the most powerful antioxidant know milligram for milligram. It does not destroy the free radical (rogue oxygen), it traps it and escorts it back to the respiratory cycle where it is utilized in tissue respiration.


Morning Routine

Apply the Vitamin C with Caffeine serum. It usually requires 3 to 5 drops to cover the face and neck. Let the serum soak into the skin for a few minutes then massage the remainder into the skin for deeper penetration.

Next, apply the Vital Therapy Peptide Lotion and allow it to soak into the skin. Apply makeup and/or sunscreen over these anti-aging products as desired.

Apply additional Vital Therapy Peptide Lotion during the day, on top of makeup and/or sunscreen, if required.

Evening Routine

Before bedtime, remove makeup and cleanse your face and neck. Apply the Vitamin A Complex Serum to the face and neck (about 3 to 5 drops). Let the serum dry then apply the Vital Therapy Plastic Surgery in a bottle. This application will work all night to rejuvenate the skin.

For younger looking hands, do not forget to apply the Vitamin C with Caffeine, Vitamin A Complex and the Peptide Lotion to the top of your hands and fingers; as the hands show aging more than the face. For the best results, mix all three together for application to the hands.

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