Vital Therapy Peptide Lotion


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Vital Therapy Peptide Lotion softens and firms the skin to fight aging

Vital Therapy Peptide Lotion is nutrient concentrated, with cutting edge synergistic activity that smoothes and softens the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will quickly disappear with this anti-aging lotion. Regular use will achieve a well balanced and even skin tone. This firming and smoothing lotion is fortified with skin softening lactic acid and the anti-aging L Retinol to deliver one of the newest anti-aging peptides on the market today.

Key Ingredients:

  • L-pentapeptides – fights aging of the skin
  • DMAE; firms and tightens the skin
  • Alpha lipoic acid; defends against free radicals
  • L-retinol; evens skin tone
  • Green tea extract; increases antioxidant protectio

Vital Therapy Peptide Lotion has added three new peptides to enhance the speed and effectiveness of skin nutrition. Noticeable results can be seen with the Vital Therapy protocol in as little as 3 days!! Continual use of these products shows even better results than the old Vital Therapy lotion on wrinkles and age spots. This is an ideal angi-aging treatment.

Smooth over clean skin before bedtime and allow the skin smoothing and skin strengthening ingredients to improve the overall appearance of the skin, while you sleep. You may also apply as a daytime treatment to moisturize.

Ingredients:  Purified water, Cyclomethicone and dimethicone copolyol,

Silicone – Increases the lining of hyaluronic acid and other mucopolysccharides to protein in connective tissue and skin. Silicon is increasingly recognized as important in would healing, aging and acne control.

Glycerin – Steam distilled from sugar fermentation – It improves the mobility of the right-handed ingredients through the dead stratum corneum.

Caprillic/capric trigycerides – Proven non-toxic emollient which prevents the loss of water from the skin. This is antifungal and is derived from milk fat and butter fat which conditions the glycol-proteins that connect epidermal cells, and improves the permeability barrier of the stratum corneum.

Cetyl alcohol, an emmollient and emulsion stabilizer with low toxicity and does not promote acne.

Pentapapitides – Bioactive five chain amino acids that reduce inflammation, relax muscels and thus reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

L-lactic acid – Derived from yogart, this AHA finesses protein-softening and cell turnover with its left-handed orientation.

L-retinol – (See Vitamin A Complex)

Beeswax – From virgin bees, an emollient and emulsifier, non-toxic

Cetearyl alcohol – Non toxic emulsifier

Shea butter – From the karate tree, is has L-polysterols and D-alpha-tocopherol which prevents lipid-peroxidation in the epidermis. It is a natural decongestant.

Squalane, derived from olives. It is similar in structure to human squalene and boosts the effectiveness of the left handed L-lactic acid. it brings moisture to the epidermal lipid layer.

Glyceryl stearate – non toxic emulsifier

D-beta Fructan – See Vitamin C with caffine

Jasmine alcohol – Natural preservative

Xantham Gum – natural thickener

Essential oils – user aromatherapy principals, anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti viral.


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