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Chrysin Creme is a Natural Aromatase Inhibitor

Chrysin is used by both men and women to treat both high estrogen and low testosterone levels by helping to prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. The extract Chrysin in cream form may be as powerful as most anti-aromatase drugs on the market today.

Its inhibiting effects are making it more popular in body builders as well as athletes.

2oz or 4oz Jars or Bottles

Chrysin creme can be very beneficial to the right person!

Besides regulating testosterone and estrogen levels, Chrysin also hinders the suppression of natural killer cells that are known to kill cancer cells that escape into the bloodstream during surgery. The extract also blocks the formation of breast cancer resistance proteins therefore preventing multi-drug resistance in cancer patients who use traditional drugs.

The Chrysin aromatase inhibitor is also used for treating anxiety, inflammation, gout, HIV/Aids as well as baldness, erectile dysfunction among several other diseases. It is also used by body builders, especially those who take high doses of androgens, as a supplement. Moreover the extract contains antioxidants that perform vitamin-like activities in the body.

Positive Effects:

  • Greater stamina
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Higher energy levels
  • Increased libido
  • Greater muscle tone
  • Better sexual function
  • Greater mood

Chrysin Background and Benefits

Chrysin is a flavone, which is a class of plant pigment found in many flowering plants. The primary biological function of these pigments in plants is to attract pollinating animals.

The most significant natural sources of chrysin include flowers in the Passiflora genus, commonly known as passionflowers. The commercial production of chrysin often uses Oroxylum indicum, a flowering tree in the Bignoniaceae family. Common names for this plant include Indian trumpet flower, midnight horror and oroxylum. In addition to chrysin, oroxylum seeds contain a high level of other flavonoids such as baicalein.

Oroxylum can approach a height of 40 feet, although its leaf stalks tend to wither and die regularly. Its flowers bloom at night and pollinated by bats. The large seed pods hang down from the tree’s bare branches, allowing the bats to access them easily. The fruits resemble bird wings, which may help to attract bats.

Extracts of oroxylum are used in multiple systems of traditional medicine, primarily in India and Southeast Asia. The most common uses of oroxylum in traditional medicine include respiratory ailments such as coughing and wheezing.

Uses of Chrysin

The most common use of chrysin as a dietary supplement is to support a healthy testosterone level, especially among male bodybuilders. Additional uses of chrysin include maintaining sexual health, antioxidant benefits and supporting healthy inflammation management.

Antioxidant support

 Chrysin may have an antioxidant effect that protects cells from damage by free radicals. These reactive chemicals can cause many types of damage that typically result in age-related conditions.

Sexual health support

 Chrysin may support sexual health in aging men. Common benefits in this category include the maintenance of a healthy libido and normal sperm count.

Healthy inflammation management

 Chrysin may help to support healthy inflammatory management by inhibiting the Cox 2 metabolic pathway.

Testosterone support

 Chrysin may help to maintain normal testosterone production. The suspected mechanism for this effect is the inhibition of testosterone’s conversion into other components such as dihyrdotestosterone (DHT) and estrogen.
Signs You May Need Chrysin

A low testosterone level is the most common reason for taking chrysin supplements, especially for male bodybuilders. The most common signs of low testosterone in aging men include erectile dysfunction, low libido, low sperm count and baldness. Additional signs that you may benefit from chrysin include anxiety, gout and other unhealthy inflammatory conditions. Age-related skin conditions and other chronic conditions may also mean that the antioxidant effects of chrysin could help you.

 Chrysin may help to maintain normal testosterone production. The suspected mechanism for this effect is the inhibition of testosterone’s conversion into other components such as dihyrdotestosterone (DHT) and estrogen.
Dosage and Administration:

Since Chrysin is poorly absorbed in the blood stream after oral administration, the Chrysin cream is preferred over supplements and has proved to be the most effective. You may start by applying ¼ teaspoon / 1.2 ml (2 pumps) of the cream daily, which equates to about a total daily dose of 50 mg  for the first 2 weeks; then apply ½ teaspoon / 2.4 ml (4 pumps) of cream daily, which equates to about 100 mg total daily dose. Creams are also preferred over oral administration since the cream bypasses major stomach organs thus minimizing gastric degradation. Once you have used the cream for 2 months or so, you should go for a hormone test to evaluate your estrogen levels and if there is no change then you can increase the dose. Maximum suggested dose is 1 teaspoon / 4.8 ml (8 pumps) which equals about 200 mg daily dose.

Side Effects:
Chrysin is a natural extract; therefore, using a usual dosage, no side effects are usually noticed.

Ingredients: Purified water, Safflower oil, Chrysin, Aloe Vera gel extract, Potassium sorbate, Sorbic acid & Sepigel 305 (sepigel 305 contains polyacrylamide, C13-14 isoparaffin, Laureth-7)

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